Conquering Nerves

Had a nice interview in which I shared some thoughts on the butterfly factor of public speaking:

There’s lots more to the whole question – the thing is to understand: Where are you on the nerves scale? Never being nervous doesn’t mean you are an ace speaker -and knocking knees or butterfles in the stomach don’t mean you aren’t. What is your level of nerves and what tends to amp it up?


The PrepYourTalk Manifesto

The distance between the brain and the mouth is vast.  That message we create on the computer and edited with our eyes then innocently travels down to the departure lounge, ready for its trip to someone’s ear. It’s not too long before some impish mouth demon beats the shit out of it, hauling it along Tangent Avenue or info Confusion Alley, before leaving it drunk and destitute, searching for the influence it had so glibly assumed would be automatic.

Great communication doesn’t happen without a little prep. That doesn’t mean typing something on the computer – nor does it mean practicing a script. It also doesn’t mean looking for rules. This blog is about the delta between your head and your heart and the sidetrip it needs to make to that part of you that cares about what you are saying.

Working on your presentation style (whether in a meeting or on a stage) doesn’t mean you have to ‘fix’ something. These are skills that don’t come naturally – so join me in helping you Prep Your Talk…